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Dr.Ting Li、LennaJ. Black、Willie McKether

学术讲座 《美国托列多大学br88冠亚娱乐手机版,欢迎您职业拓展远程培训讲座》

活动时间:7月6日-7月8日 活动地点:Webex平台



7月6日早8:00-10:00:AmericanEducational System and Classroom Culture;

7月7日早8:00-10:00:Curriculumand Instructions:Teachinga College Course;

7月8日早8:00-10:00:Diversityand High Education: Theories & Practice.


1.Dr.Ting Li‘s workshop will focus on an overview of American K-12 & highereducation system, political and economic factors that are impacting on thissystem. It will also include a comparison of classroom culture, teacher-studentrapport, and learning expectations between the U.S. and China educationalsystems.

2.LennaJ. Black’s workshop will focus on the key elements of designing andteaching a college course. It includes how curriculum is determined and how toplan for instruction including the writing of objectives for student learningand selecting appropriate assessments to measure student achievement. Alsoincluded in this workshop is discussion of the main parts of lessonpresentation and how to most effectively engage our students in the learningprocess.

3. Dr.Willie McKether’s workshop will focus on the theoretical foundationand practice around diversity at higher education institutes in the U.S.through the discussion of multiple dimensions of diversity and culturalinclusiveness. The presenter will help participants built a stronger sense ofcultural sensitivity, and improve their cross-cultural competence working inuniversities and colleges across the world.


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